1.Plunger /French Press

What you will need:

-plunger, coffee, timer, scale, spoon/stirrer, water just off the boil and a mug.

  • The amount coffee to use in a plunger is dependent on the size of your plunger, so here are the ratios:
  • 3 cup plunger (20g of coffee to 300ml water)
  • 8 cup plunger (54g of coffee to 800ml water)


Preheat Plunger
Preheat the Plunger

  • Take your plunger and put hot water and swirl it, this will help heat up the glass and help maintain the temperature for a perfect extraction.


Measure & Grind Coffee
Measure and grind coffee

  • -get your scale and coffee beans and weigh it depending on the plunger size. (refer to the coffee to water ratio above). And grind the coffee making it coarse like breadcrumbs.


Throw out hot water used to preheat plunger
Throw away the hot water

Add ground coffee to plunger
Add the ground coffee

Add fresh hot water
Brewing the coffee

  • take your plunger and throw away the water you added in first, put the ground coffee and add fresh hot water just off the boil half filling the glass and making sure all grinds are wet. Start the timer as soon as you start adding water to the coffee.


Stir the coffee
Stir the coffee

Add more water
Add more water

  • let the coffee stand for about 30 seconds to a minute and give it a nice gentle stir to mix the grounds and add more water to fill the glass. (using a scale refer to coffee to water ratio.)


Place filter mesh on plunger
Place filter mesh on plunger

Let coffee extract
Let the coffee extract

  • take the filter mesh and place it on the plunger making sure it’s just touching the coffee surface. Don’t press or push it down yet. Let the plunger brew for 4 minutes so keeping track of the seconds on your timer.


Push down
Push down

Serve and enjoy

  • on four minutes push down, the plunging mesh gently and immediately decant the brewed coffee into a mug or carafe to avoid over extraction. If you let the coffee still sit on the grinds it continues to extract resulting in a bitter unpleasant cup. Serve and enjoy your perfectly brewed plunger coffee.