Craft Coffee offers a variety of services for the public and the corporate industries.

Coffee Roasting
Custom Coffee Blend Development
Understanding that there is a need in the market for clients to be unique in their offering, Craft Coffee can assist client in creating blends that would be unique to their required taste profile
Accredited Barista Training
Coffee Cupping Sessions
Team Building Exercises
Wholesale Coffee Supply
For supply into Offices, Restaurants, Catering and Hospitality market, please contact Mark our Sales Manager for all your wholesale requirements
Coffee Machines & Equipment
We supply a wide range of coffee equipment from a variety of Coffee Grinders, Espresso machines, Filter Coffee Machines. We will have a look at your requirements and offer equipment that would best suite your needs.
Vending Machines & Equipment
Bean to cup machines and vending machines have become a way f life in many offices. Craft Coffee has a range available of Fresh milk, bean to cup machine as well as Vending machines that hold coffee beans, hot chocolate, tea, sugar and cups. We offer machines from 20 Cups per day to 500 cups per day. Please contact our sales team for a site visit.
Coffee Consulting
Brew Methods